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TREION portable column tanks instantly produce small volumes of high-purity water from tap water. Offering the best quality at the least possible cost, the convenient deionized tanks contain highly regenerated, ready-for-use mixed-bed ion exchange resins in uniform particle size, exclusively from DuPont Water Solutions.

The secret behind TREION’s cost-effectiveness:

  • Operational capacity twice those of existing Israeli columns with identical resin volumes
  • Exchange frequency half that of competition
  • Exchange price based on 50/50 profit sharing with customers, creating a win-win for everyone
  • Carbon footprint less than half of competition due to transportation and regeneration frequencies
  • A standard of excellence in environmental conservation – optimum recycling for minimum waste generation

TREION equals
100% more capacity
at only 50% higher price,
providing 25% cost reduction.

A brand you can trust

  • 55+ years of experience
  • ISO 9001:2015 certification for production, regeneration and marketing
  • EC, Throughput and TOC Monitoring QA Test Certificates for each column
  • Complies with ISO 3696 Standard of Water for Analytical Laboratory Use by The Standards Institute of Israel.

100% Traceable

  • Digitized for superior tracking
  • Each column has its own ID number
  • Each regeneration batch has its own Certificate of Analysis
  • Each column is double barcoded with column number and resin / regeneration batch number

More than 8,400 installations

Many configurations, one goal – high quality that we stand behind. TREION column tanks are easily installed and exchanged. With four different resin choices, in several different tank sizes, TREION meets the unique needs of thousands of industrial users across Israel.

To ensure integrity and absolute consistency, every TREION column tank is categorized based on its historical use. For example, a pharmacy always gets columns only used by other pharmacies, never by a chemical plant.

The #1 choice of laboratories, R&D facilities, universities, and hospitals, as well as a wide variety of industries – from pharmaceutical to cosmetic, medical, food, dairy, beverage, chemical, biochemical, plastic, oil, electronic, microelectronic, solar panels, window cleaning, digital printing, hydroponic irrigation, vehicles, and batteries.

For more information, visit the TREION website.