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Combining game-changing technologies and features in a single system, TRITEIA dissolves multiple types of granular and powder chemicals into impeccably accurate solutions. With this level of accuracy, plus control capabilities and process quality, TRITEIA introduces an exciting new standard in water treatment.

Smart, on-site, safe, compact, easily adaptable, cost-effective, reliable – TRITEIA is many great things all at once. It’s everything the world didn’t have only a decade ago.

TRITEIA comprehensive solution


The industry secret behind TRITEIA’s accuracy

It took our engineers and product managers many years of ambitious research and rigorous testing to conceptualize and create the advanced TRITEIA system. TRITEIA achieves impeccably high level of accuracy by combining a uniquely innovative dosing feeder (patents pending) with a smart online process measurement and control capability.

TRITEIA smart chemical dosing control program combines advanced algorithms with water supply system settings, and a variety of process variables such as online measured flow rate and online chemical analysis, to achieve the most accurate and reliable process control.

Fusing online and offline, TRITEIA easily adapts to the needs of each use case. It streamlines processes and saves costs while providing utmost control. With its compact and efficient design, TRITEIA offers excellent versatility and affordability, as well as simple installation.

TRITEIA is a comprehensive solution – from the initial stage of filling and managing the solid chemical, through feeding and dissolving, to the integrated and controlled dosing of the liquid chemical solution. It’s compatible with different types of chemical metering pumps. Current main use cases include chlorination for agriculture, drinking water, food industry, and swimming pools.


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