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With an impressive range of water treatment products and services – including industrial, municipal, potable, and high purity water treatment – we’re sure to have the right solution for you.

Our 55+ years of experience means more than good products and customer service. It means excellence in everything we offer and do. It means we help our customers achieve value-for-money through industry-leading systems that are compliant with strict industry standards. In every product and service we bring you, we strive for maximum efficiency and minimum environmental footprint.

We serve both the private and the public sector. Use cases include hospitals, laboratories, health institutes, municipalities, agriculture, utilities infrastructures, and established industries as well as cutting-edge startups.

We work with local and international customers, from the early stages advising on which products and services best suit their needs, to installation, world-class engineering support, and long-term maintenance.

We offer:

Industrial water treatment

Ultrapure water production

Potable water treatment

Water disinfection

Online water analysis

Lab water treatment

A Total Focus on Excellence

Our superior service is based on three elements.

  • Daily communication with our customers, providing immediate responses.
  • A team of skilled and experienced engineers and technicians available for service nationwide, offering technical support over the phone as well as on customer premises.
  • Pre- and post-delivery support plus routine maintenance services.

We have two factories, one in the south and one in the north, both with production and storage capacities. Our well-established distribution practices allows us to serve our customers in the fastest and best way possible.